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Joma Wool is grown in New Zealand, where a combination of climate, care and expert farming practices produce some of the highest quality wool in the world. New Zealand produces the whitest, strongest and cleanest crossbred wool. Its purity and strength makes it ideal for use in mattresses and bedding, preventing issues with odour, contamination and fibre migration.​


What's Unique About Joma Wool?

Joma Wool is further enhanced through a special crimping process that increases the natural bends along each wool fibre. As a result, Joma Wool is softer, with more loft and greater resistance to compression, helping you to enjoy night after night of naturally better sleep.

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FLOCUS™ is proud to introduce its naturally versatile fibre for textiles, which may be spun into the thinnest yarn counts, and blended to create a wide range of fabrics and insulation materials.  


Products containing FLOCUS™ are naturally comfortable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch - and, without any additives - features a host of amazing properties such as moisture management, temperature regulation, insect repellence, and much more.​


For many years, kapok has been used - direct from the pod in which it grows - simply as stuffing, in products such as mattresses and soft toys. But now, in addition to these applications, FLOCUS™ is unveiling a host of additional kapok products, including yarns, fabrics, and insulation materials, for many other applications.

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